To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.

To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.

Functions and Responsibilities

To ensure high student achievements in academics.

To provide a value added education to make students more employable.

To provide adequate and well qualified staff who will contribute effectively to student learning and organizational development.

To continually improve student services to promote overall development of student and support systems to create an ambience conducive to learning.

To evolve and implement management and administrative mechanisms that is responsive, reliable and efficient.

The IQAC shall be responsible for effective coordination and execution of the functions assigned to each Cell/ Committee. There shall be following Cells/Committee with their responsibilities as defined

S.No Name & Designation Role
1 Dr.T.KALPALATHA REDDY,Principal Chairperson, IQAC
2 Mr Prakash Ambavaram,Vice chairman, Representative of Management Member
3 Mr. R Suryanaryana Reddy,Director, TINI Pharma, External Member Member
4 Dr. T. Chandrasekhar Rao, Professor ,ECE Coordinator, IQAC
5 Dr Dr.B.Ramasubba Reddy,Vice Principal Member
6 Dr.S.B.Mohan,Professor-EEE Member
7 Dr.C.Chandrasekhar,HOD-ECE Member
8 Dr.S.Kalaimagal,HOD-CSE Member
9 Dr.Shaik Rafi Kiran,HOD-EEE Member
10 Dr.K.Suneetha Reddy,HOD-S&H Member
11 Mr.B.Kiran Kumar, HOD-IT Member
12 Dr.K.Swaroopa,Professor-CSE Member
13 Dr. C. Raju,Associate Professor – ECE Member
14 Mr. K. Raveendra,Exam Cell Coordinator Member
15 Dr.G S Mahesh,Training and Placement Coordinator Member
16 Mr. K.Ramesh,Librarian Member
17 Mr. A.Bharath Raju,AO Member
18 Mr.Saravanan,CEO, Small Ants Pvt., Ltd., Chennai Member
19 Ms. R. Nireesha,IV Year EEE B Member
20 Ms. M. Surabi,IV Year ECE B Member
21 Ms. B. Tanuja Krishna,IV Year CSE A Member
22 Ms. K. Navya,IV Year IT Member